Shipping lists, Calliance and Stag

Find your family: passengers bound for Camden Harbour


 22 November 1864     Master: G. T. Brown     N     Bound: Camden Harbour

 Name                  Age         Marital status


Eliza Sussex                  18                                M

Jane Paterson               25                                M

Mary Woodhouse        18                                M   and infant (3 months, female)

George Woodhouse     40                                M

Caroline Woodhouse    9

Edwin Woodhouse       7

Fanny Woodhouse       5

Mary Woodhouse        3

John Hubbard               30                                M

Lydia Frazer                 16                                S

Mary Ford                   35                                M    and infant (6 months, male)

Charles Ford                9

Mary Ford                   7

James Ford                  6

Eliza Ford                     4

Margaret Ford 11 months

Jane Erlanson               25                                M       2 infants (11 months, male, 6 weeks, female)

Mary Field                   13

Elizabeth Oehme           30                               M

Julia Gassman   31                                             M

Catherine Green           46                                M

Mary Morris                 24                                 M       and infant (11 months, male)

Mrs Pascoe                  30

Rev. Tanner                  38                                S

(Samuel) Hart               40                               S

John Roach                  44                                M

Wm. Taylor                  35                                M


G. Paterson                  33                                M                                 English

James Darby                25                                S                                  English

James Cameron            30                              S                                  Scotch

Michael Dixon 28                                             S                                  English

Daniel Carfrine             40                               S                                  English

Daniel Frazer                10                                                                    (remainder English)

John Frazer                  42                                M

John Field                     40                                M

Peter Erlanson 40                                           M

James Clarke                40                                S

Richard Green 53                                            M

James Green                 32                                M

Janes Richards 32                                          M      and infant (6 months, female)

Mary Ann Richards      4

John Richards               9

Julia Fitchett                 30                              M

Ann Mansfield 29                                           M        and infant

George Mansfield         6

(Thomas) Sussex          30                             M

Robt Bell                      40                                M

John Bell                      18                                 S

James Walsh                35                               M

Lucas Simpson             30                               M

Hugh Homer                 30                                M

Spelling from original.



 16 November 1864     Master: Martin     Bound: Camden Harbour

Name                   Age                Marital status

Phillip Tracy*              38                                S                                  Scotch

J. Wood                       27                                S                                  Australian

Carl Gassmaine            21                                M                                 German

Joseph Pattinson           32                                S                                  England

Robert Henderson*      29                                S                                  Scotch

John Henderson*          21                                S                                  Scotch

Thos Jarrett*                28                                S                                  Ireland

J. Hindhaugh                23                                S                                  Victoria

Humphrey Davy           18                                S                                  England

John Harvey                 27                                S                                  England

Timothy Hooley            22                                S                                  Van Diemen’s Land

Thos Ellwood               33                                S                                  England

John Wright                  28                                S                                  England

Alex McRae*               20                                S                                  Victoria

Thos Murray*              22                                S                                  Scotch

Wm. Wilson                 43                                S                                  Ireland

Thos Simmons 30                                S                                  England

Jas Stirling                    39                                S                                  Scotch

Antonio Giachino          30                                S                                  Italy

Abr. Cain                     28                                S                                  Ireland

John Campbell.36                                S                                  Scotch

Andrew Anderson        38                                                                    Scotch

Thos Edwards              32                                S                                  England

Chas. Pardeaux            20                                S                                  Ireland

* Saloon passengers

Spelling from original

 The passenger list of the third vessel, the Helvetia, has not been found 



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